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Concerned about COVID-19? 

We are here to help.

we're focused on clarity,


and continuous insights

At Data-Driven LLC, we specialize in epidemiological consulting for

harm reduction strategies, safety protocols in outbreak response, and pandemic infection control. We work to uncover insights that help you achieve evidence-based outcomes whether in health, safety, or other domains.

Let us help you move your business forward in feasible, acceptable, and impactful ways. 

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We translate scientific data so you can act



we ask and answer empirical questions



we help you reach the best data-driven outcomes


we are available for presentations - with over 20 years of workplace experience we enjoy presenting for diverse scientific to non-scientific audiences; or speaking in webcasts, podcasts, and webinars.  

Some of our products and deliverables include

Reviews & Plans

COVID-19 safety and back-to-work plans with recommendations for improving clarity and safety,

asking questions specific to your needs and settings


Live Training

Live training with epidemiologists or physicians to help your workplace learn how to stay safe


Scientific Writing & Editing


Public Speaking

Topics include COVID-19 or others in the epidemiologic domain

Local Epidemiology Reports

Reports discuss your specific industry and region using data sources to inform your understanding

Some of our past and present clients

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