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Data-Driven supports small businesses, non-profits and mission driven companies by guiding research, strategy and empirical decision making. We've developed resources to help you reach the best data-driven outcomes. 

AI Research > AI Prompts Developed For and By Resarchers
AI Prompts Developed For and By Researchers

Want some easy research wins with large language models (LLMs)?

Our team at Data-Driven did the prep work for you, including testing out these AI prompts using GPT-4 and/or Claude 2. Now you can get this free 2-page guide to using prompts and customize them for your work.

The prompts cover a range of standard needs for time-strapped research scientists including: 

  • Parse a String Variable for Analysis

  • Merge Datasets and Download the Merged File

  • Generate Descriptive Statistics and Format Them Into a Table

  • Teach an LLM to Write in the Style and Format You Need

  •  Create a Visual Display of Data

  • Subset Data Using Specific Criteria

  • Create a Codebook for Uploading a Survey Instrument to Claude

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