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Data-Driven LLC illustration by Thomas Burns Studio

What We Do

Actionable insights for decision-making through research,  data, and consultation.

Research Consulting

Data-Driven LLC provides research and epidemiological consulting to move your business forward in impactful ways. By combining the power of quantitative and qualitative research, epidemiologic methods, and Lean Startup principles, we deliver innovative solutions that empower our clients to make better decisions and achieve their goals.  

Data-Driven LLC Dr. Leslie Phillips

Dr. Leslie Phillips delights in meeting Mike Osterholm. Seattle, October 2022

when simple decisions seem complex

Data-Driven LLC

we will guide you to discover actionable insights

Data-Driven LLC

and provide the data needed to make informed decisions

Data-Driven LLC

Epidemiologic Consultation and Subject Matter Expertise

Data-Driven brings your organization expert guidance in using data to understand what actions to take to drive specific outcomes and reduce risk. We ensure you have the tools and expertise to collect and interpret data to drive business strategy.

Want to understand your high rate of employee turnover, reduce worker injury, hire an expert witness, establish protocols to reduce infectious disease transmission, or simply consult with data experts to understand a problem better? You have come to the right place.​


Data-Driven has a track record of helping a diverse set of clients, including:

  • Film studios trying to maintain a safe production environment

  • Start-ups in need of data to inform business strategy

  • A labor organization trying to understand vaccine hesitation

  • Surgeons examining outcomes in cancer surgery

  • An organization exploring generative AI for report writing.

Legal Consultation and Expert Testimony

Data-Driven brings scientific rigor and objectivity to legal proceedings, providing invaluable clarity and insights. Leveraging expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, and toxicology, we offer comprehensive services tailored to each case's unique needs, including conducting in-depth legal case reviews, developing robust monitoring plans, evaluating evidence strength, and providing an impartial expert witness adhering strictly to scientific principles. With extensive legal experience, we distill complex concepts into clear narratives, empowering legal teams to effectively communicate technical details.

AI-Assisted Research Strategy

We support small businesses and non-profits by guiding research strategy and human decision-making using human ingenuity and human-directed AI assistance.

Research Consultation

Understanding a problem's root cause yields rich information that drives positive change. Data-Driven takes a broad approach to problem-solving, using epidemiologic and Lean Startup methods, in combination with data and research expertise to solve problems.

Examples of use may be research & evaluation of an intervention to reduce worker injury, a data-informed strategy for a better customer or patient experience, or best practices for collection and storage of data.

Epidemiologic / Research Team Deliverables

Manuscript and report writing; occupational health & safety; research strategy involving qualitative (interviews, focus groups) and quantitative (surveys and data feeds) methods.

This service is available for non-profits, labor organizations, patient organizations, CROs, pharma/biotech, academia, government, non-profit, and health startups, including telemedicine.

Research Team Strategy

SME guidance on how to build a research team, the ideal mix of skills, sequence of hiring, and how research strategy feeds into enterprise strategy.

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