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2023: A Year of Data-Driven Discovery

image: image: Data-Driven prompted GPT-4 / DALL-E 3 to generate this illustration

As 2023 comes to a close, we're excited to share some of our highlights in research and epidemiologic consulting. 2023 was a year of discovery, innovation, and collaboration for Data-Driven. We look forward to continuing and expanding upon this work in the new year. 

Selecting a Real World Data Platform for Clinical Research

We kicked off 2023 by identifying an ideal data structure for migrating a client’s disease registry data to a real-world data platform. This project expanded the potential for disease research and management through a simple, intuitive user interface combined with passive data collection. It also streamlined the client’s operations, reducing labor and costs.

Contributing to the Literature on COVID Vaccines

Our team published a systematic literature review comparing COVID-19 vaccine types. We were proud to contribute to the global understanding of vaccines by publishing scientific research that added new insights into pandemic response and vaccine effectiveness.

Empowering Pharmaceutical Leaders

In separate systematic literature reviews for pharmaceutical leaders at Moderna and Pfizer, we offered an outside perspective on study quality through careful manuscript reviews to assess bias.

Exploring Comorbidity in Chronic Illness

As part of our commitment to high-quality research, we co-authored a manuscript, currently under revision, about a significant co-morbidity in ME/CFS. This work promises to shed light on the complexity of post-infection recovery.

image: Data-Driven prompted GPT-4 / DALL-E 3 to create this illustration that was manually edited to adjust for gender bias.

Addressing Crisis Care

We collaborated with a public benefit corporation to complete a policy report focused on community needs in crisis care as a vital step toward understanding and improving how we respond to behavioral health emergencies.

Diving into Generative AI

Perhaps one of our most exciting ventures this year has been delving deep into generative AI. We developed a guide to generative AI, AI Prompts Developed For and By Researchers, to illustrate just a few ways that generative AI can enrich research.

Collaborating for Impact

From biostatisticians to Contract Research Organizations and behavioral health experts to telemedicine pioneers, our partnerships have been the cornerstone of our success this year. These collaborations have enriched our knowledge and expanded our ability to impact the broader health research landscape.

image: Data-Driven prompted GPT-4 / DALL-E 3 to create this illustration.

As we look toward 2024, we remain committed to delivering data-driven solutions for a healthier world. We're making a difference, one data point at a time.

Thank you to our incredible team, partners, and clients for making 2023 a year to remember! And let’s not forget the generative AI support for being the 'model' of efficiency. Here's to another year of innovation, collaboration, and impact!


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