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We are Data-Driven.

We are focused on clarity, communication, and continuous insights.

We give organizations a roadmap for making empirical decisions. Because it's about making great decisions.

Our Services

Our Work

Let us help you move your business forward in feasible, and impactful ways. 

"We will help you think about what questions to ask and what strategies to test. The most well-informed solution may fall flat if it is not feasible and acceptable, so that is where we will start." - Dr. Leslie Phillips

Client Testimonials:

James Corbett, Principal, Initium Health

 "Your insight and expertise, along with the strategic use of AI, expedited our process and enhanced the work. Your guidance was crucial in delivering a more accessible and responsive project."

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when the parts are varied and unknown

Our work uncovers actionable insights by helping you determine what questions to ask and what solutions to test.

Data-Driven LLC

when simple decisions seem complex

Data-Driven LLC provides research and epidemiological consulting with impact. By combining the power of AI, research, epidemiology, and Lean Startup principles, we deliver innovative solutions that empower our clients to achieve their goals.  

Data-Driven LLC

we are data-driven

Because it's about making great decisions.

Data-Driven LLC
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