when simple decisions seem complex

We provide epidemiological consulting for organizations and individuals so that you can move your business forward in feasible, acceptable and impactful ways.

data-driven llc, LesliePhillips

when the parts are varied and unknown

We are here to help you think about what questions to ask and what solutions to test when you need to assess and mitigate risk.

Data-Driven LLC Dr. Leslie Phillips

we are data-driven

Data-Driven LLC Dr. Leslie Phillips

Because we know that it's not about the ice cream.

It's about making great decisions


We are focused on clarity,


and continuous insights.

We are Data-Driven.


What We Do

we translate scientific data - we ask and answer empirical questions - we help you reach the best data-driven outcomes

Let us help you move your business forward in feasible, acceptable, and impactful ways. 

"I will help you think about what questions to ask and what strategies to test. The most well-informed solution may fall flat if it is not feasible and acceptable, so that is where we will start." - Dr. Leslie Phillips

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Epidemiological Consulting - so you can act

Data-Driven LLC consults for qualitative and quantitative research, best practices for survey research, clinical epidemiology and pandemic infection control.  We work to uncover insights that help you achieve evidence-based outcomes whether in health, safety, or other domains.


We translate scientific data so you can act.  We ask and answer empirical questions.  We help you reach the best data-driven outcomes.

Please view our Client and Data Confidentiality statement here.

Reviews & Plans

Reports specific to your industry and region using data sources to inform your understanding.

  • COVID-19 Safety Policies

  • Data Security Policies

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • Survey Research

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Live Training &
Public Speaking

Dr. Leslie Phillips has over 20 years of workplace experience and enjoys presenting for diverse scientific to non-scientific audiences.

Topics span the epidemiologic domain to pandemic infection control. 

  • Diverse scientific audiences

  • Non-scientific audiences

  • Webcasts

  • Podcasts

  • Webinars

Scientific Research, 
Writing & Editing

We love what we do!

Please click here to view links to publications and research.

Let's talk presentations!

It's all about communicating.  At Data Driven, LLC, we have over 20 years of professional scientific communication experience.  Dr. Leslie Phillips is available for presentations, workplace trainings and is an experienced host of scientific forums and interviews. 


Below is a presentation Dr. Phillips did as community volunteer work in early 2022.

  • YouTube

Leslie Phillips, Omicron Presentation, YouTube, January 27, 2022, NEST North East Seattle Together

COVID-19 Safety Policies

we are here to help you balance risk and anxiety with evidence-based action



COVID-19 Policy Review

Review and discussion of existing COVID-19 mitigations policies for community spaces and offices. 


COVID-19 Protocols

Some assessments may need a little extra so we offer add-ons.

  • Written protocols

  • Video-based trainings on protocols

  • Regular protocol ​updates


Our blog is where we share more information and answers to common questions. 


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